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Answers to some of your questions...

We understand that our parents have many questions about our center and care, questions you could easily forget to ask while touring the center.   Please know that your comfort level and trust is our #1 priority so if you have questions about Itsy Bitsy that are not answered below PLEASE contact us: (201) 224-4052

What are your hours?

Our facility opens at 7:30am and we close at 6:00pm. Itsy Bitsy also offers a part time schedule until 3:30 pm.

Are you state licensed?

Yes, Itsy Bitsy is licensed through the State of New Jersey Office of Licensing and we go through numerous inspections throughout the year.

Do you serve snacks?

The Center does provide dry snacks, including Cheerios, pretzels, and crackers. If a parent would like their child to have yogurt or fruit during the day, the parent may provide that for his/her child. Please remember we are a NUT-FREE Center

Do you have a playground?

Although Itsy Bitsy does not have a designated outdoor play area, the children go out for daily walks in the area (weather permitting).  On days when the weather does not permit outdoor walks, the Center does have an indoor play space where the children can play and explore at their assigned time."

Is your staff trained in CPR?

Yes, our staff is trained in First Aid and CPR. Staff members are also trained in administering an Epipen

Do you conduct background checks on the staff?

Any employee of the Center must have a Child Abuse Record Investigation (CARI) and a Criminal History Record Investigation(CHRI) at the start of their employment. New staff members are not allowed to be alone with the children at any point until both of those clearances have been received.

Do you conduct fire/safety drills to practice how to evacuate the children?

Safety is one of our top priorities at the Center and we do conduct monthly fire drills in order to ensure that all of the staff is aware of what to do in the event of an emergency.  We also work with our neighbors, The Fort Lee Police Dept. we are kept up to date in the case of an emergency.

Will my child be with other children his or her own age group?

We can't emphasize enough how important safety is to us!  Our facility is designed in a way that every age group has their own classroom.  We do not share rooms with other age groups, as this could cause the younger children to get hurt.  Your child will be placed in a classroom based on their age and the other children in that room will also be in that same age range.   The children do have the opportunity to interact with each other during Holiday Parties or other special events, under our staff supervision.

Do the children take naps or have rest periods?
Yes, every age group has a nap/resting period.  For our Infants, we provide a special area where they are able to nap in his or her own crib. (When your child starts at the center we assign him or her a crib, that crib will ONLY be used by your baby). We also follow your infants schedule.  Once the children enter the toddler rooms, all the children nap at the same time in their classrooms, on 2½ inch mats.  We do not place the children in "sleep sacks" since this is dangerous and not allowed by the State of NJ. 
Do you schedule time for “trial days” prior to a child starting at the Center?

​Due to Covid-19 restrictions, trial days are currently not being offered.

Are there cameras throughout the center?

Not only do we have a camera in every room with multiple angles, we also have closed-circuit cameras on both doors leading outside the center, plus you must have a code to enter.  We have an Open-door policy, which means as a parent you may come in to make sure your child is doing well, and you may also request to view the recordings.

Do you give tuition credit for vacations or absences?

Provided that your child is enrolled at the Center for an entire school year on an EXTENDED CARE schedule (7:30-6:00) the Center will offer a 1 week vacation credit. If this vacation is taken during the school year, your credit will be posted to your account in August. Itsy Bitsy does not offer credits if a child is sick and misses a day.

Do you offer a discount for more than one child?

Itsy Bitsy is all about family and we love to have siblings attend our Center. We offer a 10% discount on the tuition for the 2nd child that is enrolled.

What happens to my deposit if I withdraw my child prior to the end of the school year?

If your child does not complete the contracted time, you will forfeit your deposit. You will not be responsible for payment for the remainder of the contract however you will not be able to apply deposit to the last month. Please note that no exceptions will be made.

Do you offer any Enrichment Programs or take Field Trips?

Due to Covid restrictions, enrichment programs are currently suspended and will resume once allowed.

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