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Important Notice – Our Updated Safety and Health Procedures

  • Each morning staff and children will be screened.  Temperatures will be taken by a staff member and we will do a quick assessment to ensure there are no symptoms present of cough or shortness of breath.  The screener will wear a face shield and gloves and will use a NO CONTACT thermometer.   Any individual with a temperature of 100.4 and/or symptoms of cough or shortness of breath will NOT be permitted to enter the Center.  A waiver will need to be signed assuring that your child and anyone in your household has not been sick in the last 72 hours.

  • Parents are strongly encouraged NOT to enter the Center. Parents must wear a mask and will drop off at the door, the child must be screened prior to a staff member having any physical contact with the child.  A parent is permitted to enter only if absolutely necessary.  If the Parent will enter the building, they MUST be screened as well and the information must be logged.

  • Parents will stagger their arrival so that there is never more than 1 family entering the Center.  Parents will be asked to stay in the car until the other parent leaves

  • Each classroom is limited to 10 individuals at all times. Combining groups will not permitted and teachers will stay with the same group during their entire shift.  Classrooms will be deep-cleaned every night, food areas will be disinfected before and after meals and any personal belonging will be kept in the child's personal cubby.

  • Staff is required to wear masks at ALL times unless it poses a health risk.  Staff will also wear long sleeve smocks and keep their hair up away from their neck or pulled back in order to be protected from any bodily fluids.

  • Children age 2 and up are required to wear a mask while at the center.

  • Toys that are used by more than 1 child, will be disinfected after use.  If a child places a toy in his/her mouth, the toy will be removed from the play area and disinfected properly. Each child will also have their own craft box with their own set of crayons, markers, glue and scissors.

  • Soft toys, pillows, dress up clothes, baby doll clothes, and any toy with cloth material has been removed from the classrooms and will not be permitted.  We will continue to discourage toys from home being brought into the Center.

  • Outside programs will be cancelled until further notice.  Therapies will also be cancelled and any child receiving therapy sessions, must schedule their sessions at home or using Zoom meets at the Center.  This must be coordinated prior.

  • All tours will be suspended until further notice.  Families are welcome and encouraged to visit our site for a virtual tour of our facility.  We are always happy to set up a time to further discuss any questions you may have in regards to our programs and schedules.

  • The children will be going outside daily and will wash their hands prior to exiting the building and immediately upon returning to the Center.

  • Children and staff will be required to wash hands upon entering the classroom, after diapering or using the bathroom, upon returning from outside, prior to each meal, and before leaving the Center. 

  • Prior to preparing each child’s meal, you must wash your hands and must wear gloves.  If a child needs assistance with feeding, you must wear gloves.

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