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Itsy Bitsy believes that each child learns at a different pace and in a different manner. For this reason we have implemented a combination of curriculums to follow at the Center with traditional teaching and Creative Curriculum, a NAEYC approved teaching method. We feel that giving the child the structure that traditional teaching provides, allows the child to build a strong foundation of knowing their colors, numbers, shapes, letters, as well as following instruction and transitioning from one activity to the next. Having that foundation then allows them to continue the learning process at their own level and with certain topics that hold their interest. This is where Creative Curriculum comes in. This curriculum allows a child to learn through play and activity so it is beneficial to the visual learner and much as it is to the auditory learner. Every child has a different interest and by bringing new topic to the table it allows us to reach each child by holding his/her interest and at the same time teaching the rest of the class something new. This encourages questions and curiosity in a child, thus creating a dynamic learning environment.


Infants (2 months-12 months)

Our Infant room provides a nurturing space for your growing infant. We will always follow the schedule that the child has at home to ensure a smooth transition for your baby on a daily basis. The Infant Room has a separate sleeping area which would provide your child with a quiet area for rest. Every infant will have his or her own crib while in the infant room, we do not share cribs. The room also provides open space for the babies to have tummy time and playtime throughout the day.  


Teeny Toddlers/Toddlers (12-24 months)

The toddler years can be very exciting and full of new discoveries on a daily basis. This age group is split into two separate groups in order to provide to all of the child’s needs and the classes are held in 2 separate classroom.


Our Teeny Toddlers range from 12-18 months and during this time we ensure and encourage each child to meet those developmental milestones. The caregivers provide a safe learning environment for the children to explore new activities such as blocks, books, letters and coloring. At this time the children follow a more structured schedule, however we do it at their pace.


In our Toddler class, children 18-24 months, the children will be introduced to Circle Time, Free Play time and arts and crafts. The children are working on colors, shapes, and letters. The children in this age group are encouraged to be a little more independent with feeding, projects, etc. however there is always assistance close by to give them that little extra help if needed.  


Bright Beginners (24-36 months)

These are the BIG KIDS of Itsy Bitsy! These groups have so much fun on a daily basis and the teachers really encourage the children to make learning fun. Since these children are a little older they are doing activities that really engage all of the skills that they have learned in their previous classes. The children follow a set schedule in their class that is full of fun and learning with different stories, puzzles, arts and crafts, number and letter activities, cooking, etc.

We really begin prepping them for the new adventures to come in Pre-K and Kindergarten!


What parents say about us!


"My daughter has been attending this daycare since she was 2 months and I'm very pleased with their attention and nurturing environment. They really go above and beyond to ensure the well being and comfort of my little one. The center promotes music, age appropriate activities and picture days with a professional photographer ( love the pictures). I have visited the center unannounced many times and my daughter has always been supervised and happy. Everyone here is attentive and nice to the kids. I would highly recommend this center. " - KMP M, New York




"As a new mother, I was terrified placing my child in daycare after staying home with him for a year. I visited all daycares in the area and this one by far was the cleanest and the most appropriate for a child under 1. The infant room is great. They have a play area and a separate room where babies sleep in their cribs. They cater to each child. They follow my child's schedule just the way I ask them to. I always feel like my child is the only one under their care because the amount of details I get about him on daily basis. The caregivers are like grandmothers. My 14 months old loves them. The owner is amazing. She truly cares about what she does and goes above and beyond to make a child and his or her family happy. I highly recommend this place for infants. These people are caring, nurturing and trustworthy. - E.S., Fort Lee, NJ"



"Placing my son in a daycare center was not an idea I was comfortable with, but like many parents today my husband and I had to work and we don't have family near by to help. When I toured IBELC I felt comfortable and happy with the staff, they are mostly moms and grandmothers and that was important to me.  I loved that the class ratios are kept small and that he was in a room with kids his own age.   I highly recommend this center, it's small, and friendly.  The caregivers will love your baby as if he or she was their own grandchild"  M.E, Fort Lee



I just wanted to say thank you so much for the care that Simon receives. I was so nervous about putting him in daycare but in just the month that he’s been going to Itsy Bitsy he has really blossomed. I can’t tell you how delighted I was to get the note last week that said he was saying “uh-oh!” all day. Simon clearly loves going in every day and marches right into the classroom, he hardly has time for goodbye hugs from his dad before he’s off and running. Thank you so much for providing an environment where I know he is safe and loved and well cared for, you can’t imagine the peace of mind it gives me. And it has been so good for our family as a whole to have him out and stimulated and socializing all day every day. I never worry about him during the day, he’s so clearly happy. Please do thank all of his teachers for me! -A.S.


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